Landscape Services

At Dellapolla Landscaping, we’ve been providing full service landscape construction and design services in the Hamptons since 1995. We bring years of experience, honed here on Long Island, to every project we approach. From initial concept and design to installation, site work, ongoing maintenance, irrigation and lighting, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and our work reflects the passion and professionalism we bring to every project and every property.


At Dellapolla Landscaping, we develop a detailed landscape plan or work with yours. Each design is based on client’s vision, environmental conditions and existing topography, our comprehensive understanding of plants and trees, and of course the local environment.


From large caliper trees to hedgerows and a wide range of deer resistant plant materials, we are experts in the care and installation of trees and shrubs.


 We build chimneys, patios, retaining walls, pool & spa coping and have access to the highest quality stone materials from around the world.

Site Work

Grading, topography, drainage, tree removal, excavation and trenching. Before you build a home, consult with Dellapolla to prepare the property for optimal efficiency and the best results.

Flower Gardens/Planters/Vegetable Gardens

At Dellapolla we work with each homeowner to develop a garden that delights the owner and enhances the property throughout the seasons, staging and planting appropriate materials. We can help you design around your color preferences and palette. Many homeowners in the Hamptons not only enjoy the flower gardens and planters we create, but also the bounty from our organic vegetable gardens.


It’s important that your property have a well-designed irrigation system. Each landscape (and its trees, plants and shrubs) have differing watering needs, and meeting them enhances the beauty of your environment. As you add, (or in some cases, remove) trees or lawns, you need to adjust your system. Of course, we also manage the system throughout seasons, opening it in Spring, monitoring it over Summer and making sure it’s properly shut down and drained in late Fall.


Whether we’re installing lighting for a pathway or driveway to ensure the safety of your Hamptons home, or up-lighting a fine specimen tree, lighting your East End property makes it more secure and extends the pleasure you derive from it.

Large Specimen Trees

At Dellapolla Landscaping, we have a team of experts in plant health care, root collar excavation, pruning, placement, transplant and ongoing care of large specimen trees. These trees add value to your property, requiring and deserving the highest quality care.