Property Care

Mowing, pruning, turf support – our job is to enhance your property. Once you’ve invested in a beautiful landscape, it’s important to ensure its success. Dellapolla’s reliable and experienced staff are able to anticipate problems and literally nip them in the bud. Your valuable landscape is only as good as its aftercare, and a maintenance program is key to the long-term health and growth of your plants and lawn.

Lawn care:

From seeding, sodding and fertilizing to lawn cutting and string trimming our team is experienced, professional and proactive. They systematically apply protocols that foster healthy lawn and turf care.

Weekly or monthly maintenance:

The care and upkeep of your landscape is a worthwhile and important investment. Our crew takes care of everything: weeding, mulching, vegetable gardens, planting beds, and more.

Seasonal pruning:

There’s a reason some plants bloom beautifully each season. Some of it has to do with how they’re taken care of in each season. Proper winter pruning, thinning out canopies, promotes healthy growth and a more beautiful property.  (as opposed to leggy, overcrowded plantings).

Programs for disease and pests:

Our team of professionals can help prevent deer, ticks from invading your property while also applying preventative treatment that keep plant materials pest-free.

Irrigation monitoring, maintenance and repair

Water is critical to every garden and lawn, therefore it’s imperative to maintain your irrigation.